Is Down Syndrome A Genetic Disorder?

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is common by birth defect due to having an extra chromosome of 21. Down syndrome causes delay in their development and some level of learning difficulty and has a characteristic facial appearance, and speech complexity. The aim of a person having Down syndrome is to help manage their lifestyles. However managing a person with Down syndrome lifestyle and living to the fullest is absolutely challenging, it will take time, hard work and financial means to make sure the individual will have a fun lifestyle. In this essay, it will reflect on the health challenges and then see how to it would impact on his health and wellbeing. The ICF Model will be used, it will talk about the 45 year old man activity and participation and how it affects by the multiple challenges that the man does. Finally, there will be a strategy for managing Type 2 diabetes, to have an intervention on the optimal health and wellbeing across the man’s lifespan and to focus on physical activity and diet. The Down syndrome research foundation, has defined Down syndrome as a devastating disease that affects 1 in 800 – 1 in 1000 births in Australia. It has been reported that the reasons of a highly likely chance of having a child with Down syndrome is if the mother age increases which is usually after 35 years and over. Also, the median range of survival rate is 61.6 years for males and 57.8 years for females, the survival rate has increased remarkably in recent decades
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