Is Down Syndrome A Genetic Disorder?

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is common by birth defect due to having an extra chromosome of 21. Down syndrome causes delay in their development and some level of learning difficulty and has a characteristic facial appearance, and speech complexity. The aim of a person having Down syndrome is to help manage their lifestyles. However managing a person with Down syndrome lifestyle and living to the fullest is absolutely challenging, it will take time, hard work and financial means to make sure the individual will have a fun lifestyle. In this essay, it will reflect on the health challenges and then see how to it would impact on his health and wellbeing. The ICF Model will be used, it will talk about the 45 year old man activity…show more content…
For mothers who are 44 years of age and older, about 1 in 35 pregnancies results in a baby with Down syndrome. Usually to avoid having the chance of the child being born with Down syndrome, women have babies below the age of 30. The adult man of 45 years has Down syndrome with moderate intellectual disability and has 1 chronic illness which is Type 2 diabetes. There are multiple Health and medical issues and challenges that may arise across this man’s lifespan. Due to having Down syndrome the man is to have likely experience heart defects, respiratory infections, leukaemia, thyroid, hearing, vision, sleep problems, dementia and other psychiatric disorders. Also due to having moderate intellectual disability of having an IQ of 35-49, he would have limited language, needs help with self care, simple practical work with supervision, usually fully mobile and finally having type 2 diabetes due to obesity, physical inactivity and a family history. Due to having Down syndrome there are many experiences he would encounter, but there are three major diseases he would suffer mostly and those three are Heart defects, thyroid problems, and vision. Firstly the heart defects are the most common among people with Down syndrome is called septal defect. A spetal defect is a hole inside one of the walls that separate the four chambers of the heart. It can cause a build-up of blood in one or more of the hearts chambers, which causes the heart to work hard to
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