Is Dr. Horrible Really an Evil Character Essay

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Dr. Horrible Dr. Horrible may portray the antagonist in Joss Whedon’s mini-series “Dr. Horrible and the Sing along Blog” but he does not actually act evil. As you listen to Dr. Horrible talk on his blog he comes across as a normal guy; you almost could not take him seriously with his talk of “evil” and certainly not a killer. When Dr. Horrible is answering all of his fan mail the letters are filled with sarcasm and questions asking him why he has not succeeded in any of his plans. If he truly was a cold hearted killer he would not get fan mail, he would not have viewers, and he most definitely would never fail to succeed in plans of evil. Dr. Horrible himself even states that he just cannot get into the “Evil League of Evil” because…show more content…
The van suddenly goes out of control and Penny just happens to be in the way. Dr. Horrible was able to stop the van from running Penny over but to her it seemed Captain Hammer stopped the van just in time and that it was fate. This is the first occurrence that goes to change Dr. Horrible and his plan. He never meant to hurt anyone in the first place but now Captain Hammer is taking Penny away from him before he even had the chance to tell her how he truly felt. He feels as if his “Hopes and dreams are crashing into the ground.” And that the “evil in him is on the rise”. His plan becomes more desperate as he feels he is running out of time and options and chances to finally tell Penny, if Dr. Horrible truly was an evil killer you would NOT like someone like Penny. She is the complete opposite of evil; this would mean that Dr. Horrible has good in him because how could he relate to someone that was not evil at all? When Dr. Horrible runs into Captain Hammer at the Laundromat he discovers that Captain Hammer does not like Penny nearly as much as he does, in fact he tells Dr. Horrible that he will sleep with Penny just out of spite. That was the breaking point, after hearing that Dr. Horrible was SO mad that he would hurt penny like that he thought it was only just that he got rid of Captain Hammer for good. Dr. Horrible receives yet another letter in the mail from Bad Horse stating that he must use assassination to complete his
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