Is Drug Addiction A Choice Or A Disease?

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Is drug addiction a choice or a disease ?

There are two central debates that often arise when speaking of addiction ; either addiction is a disease caused by the brain, or addiction is a matter of weak will. In comparison the disease model would take responsibility away from the addict and place it on biological reasoning ; the weak will model, would ultimately condemn the addict and place blame on the addicts decision making process and thus blame the addict for their behavior.

Utilitarian theory, states that an " action is right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness.(Beauchamp, T. )Kantian theory, states that a person should " always act in such a way that you can will that everyone act in the same manner in similar situations. "(Beauchamp, T.) In using these two theories, one would be inclined to believe that drug addiction in its infancy stages begins as a matter of weak will and evolves into a disease. Relativism states that an action is either right or wrong based upon where you are and at what moment you are there. Relativist believe that moral beliefs are closely connected with culture and essentially there are no absolute moral standards that apply to all persons at all times. (Beauchamp, T ) There are so many different theories as to why one person becomes addicted and another shows no sign of addiction. Because the models of drug addiction vary depending upon who you speak with ; scientific

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