Is Drug Testing A Homeless Shelters Legal?

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Is Drug Testing in Homeless Shelters Legal? Homeless shelters are temporary residence for homeless families or individuals. They provide safety and protection from possible dangers in the streets and from exposure to different weather conditions. While the homeless shelter is able to provide a roof over their heads, they also experience several problems due to lack of funding for a more proper homeless shelter set up. These problems are as follows: • Some clients of the shelter are exposed to bed bugs or roach-infested spaces. Apart from not being able to have a sound sleep at night is the growing population having skin diseases. • Homeless individuals lack sufficient space to store their belongings. • There are hundreds of homeless…show more content…
In 1980, a significant decrease in subsidized housing has forced certain individuals to become homeless. It is indeed very unfortunate that a certain percentage in the population are experiencing such difficulties in their lives that making the streets or their cars as their home become very convenient. It is however, not the right place for these people to be at. Therefore, homeless shelters have become available for them to have a safe and secure place for them to stay so that their basic needs can somehow be provided. Statistics There are more than 500,000 homeless individuals all over the United States who are either living inside shelter homes or along the streets according to a survey conducted by the National Alliance to End Homelessness. Various surveys are being conducted so that the current problems being experienced by these homeless people can be properly addressed and the necessary solutions can be provided. Among the information gathered are as follows: • Majority of homeless individual are women. They are at a greater risk than men because they are most likely to bear child-rearing responsibilities and are vulnerable to become victims of violence. • One out of every 4 men experiences domestic violence. Those individuals who have been victims of domestic violence
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