Is Dyslexia A Common Neurological Lifelong Condition?

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What is Dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a common neurological lifelong condition which affects 1 out of 5

people in the country (Facts About Dyslexia, 2008). It is not caused by poor

vision(Understanding Dyslexia, 2014); in fact it can happen to those whom are very

intelligent (Davis, 1992). The brain has difficulty processing reading, written and spoken

language (Facts About Dyslexia, 2008). People with dyslexia need a little more time and

a different way to process the information (Understanding Dyslexia, 2014).

What part of the brain is affected?

Individuals with dyslexia actually process information in a different part of the

brain; the right of their brains understand language called the planum temporale but they

often cannot
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In a study it was discovered a structural difference in two parts of

brain, in the cerebral cortex and thalamus. The cerebral cortex it is a six layer in the outer

part of the brain which processes sensory, motor, memory, language, and attention. The

thalamus is located in the center of the brain it processes information from the eyes and

ears (Neuroscience, 2000).

There are nerve cells and nerve fibers located in the first layer of the cortical area

which is responsible for language called ectopias; Ectopias sometimes travel too far and

end up in foreign places. Scientists believe that this occurs during the development of the

brain of a fetus before its sixth month (Structrual Brain, 1999). Ectopic neurons connect

to other parts of the brain differently; Most ectopias are in the language area, and the

front part of the brain is related to verbal memory (Structrual Brain, 1999).. With

different wiring patterns in the brain it affects the reading and writing process (Structrual

Brain, 1999).

To say a word that is read, the information goes to the primary visual cortex; the

word then goes to the primary visual cortex which then travels to the posterior speech

area, including Wernicke’s area and to Broca’s area, and lastly to the
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