Is E + R = O And How I Have A Impact On Our Life

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Throughout life you come along many situations where you have to make a certain decision and in that split moment you don 't realize that your response makes a huge impact on the outcome in the situation. People don’t tend to realize each response is followed by another, and each decision is as important as the next. All the decisions we make help form the outcomes in our life. Throughout the duration of this essay, I will be discussing the idea of E+R=O and how I have been able to utilize this concept in my own life, knowing what it means now. When I began this course, I have never heard of what E+R=O was or thought about the ‘equation’. Knowing now that Event + Response = Outcome means what it means, it has helped me in many circumstances in my personal life. I am pleased to share the meaning and further depth of the concept, as well as elucidate how it helped me during a tough situation in my life. Living your everyday life, you could ask yourself, what is the main thing that affects your life? The answer could easily be your responses. Responses occur in your everyday life simply by what decisions you make and how you decide to respond to situations. Often times, you do not realize that each choice you make, helps shape the result of the event. You make choices minute by minute throughout your daily routine, some that seem so minimal and can end up having a drastic outcome in your life. Which is where understanding E+R=O becomes a huge factor in our lives, because how

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