Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail? Essay

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Is E-mail Always Better than Snail Mail?

For many of us, turning on the computer and checking for e-mail messages has become as much a part of our daily routine as a trip to the mailbox. The growing popularity of e-mail makes us wonder how we ever survived without it. E-mail has many advantages over regular mail, including speed, low cost, and convenience. In our enthusiasm for e-mail, however, we would be unwise to abandon the post office altogether. For some purposes, e-mail is a poor substitute for "snail mail," both in our personal lives and in the business world.

There is no denying that e-mail has many advantages over regular mail. The most obvious advantage is speed. We can send e-mail around the world in a matter
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E-mail is also convenient because it lends itself to an informal style that makes composing a message relatively easy; in addition, readers of e-mail tolerate more mistakes than readers of conventional mail, and their tolerance saves us time.

Despite the many benefits that e-mail provides, it is not always appropriate. Before dashing off another piece of e-mail--in our private lives or in the business world--we need to pause and consider whether the post office or a carrier such as Federal Express or UPS might be more fitting.

It would be sad to think that letters from friends might become obsolete. With e-mail, unfortunately, all messages look very much alike, and this sameness removes some of the wonder of getting a message in the first place. We have no handwriting to scrutinize, no perfumed envelope to smell, no colors or textures to enjoy. E-mail is also limited by what we can send. Attached files might let us send a copy of a photo, but we wouldn’t want to put it in a frame. We will never receive an e-mail care package from home or an e-mail pop-up birthday card. For these more personal things we must still rely on regular mail. Besides, opening old computer files is never as much fun as pulling a musty shoebox out of the closet to browse through old letters and photos.

In the business world, as in our personal lives, e-mail is not always an appropriate medium. First, there is the issue of privacy. Because of its electronic transmission

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