Is Ebola Only Deadly To The Poorest

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Is Ebola only deadly to the poorest?

The whole world is at edge knowing that Ebola is a very lethal virus and it is very tough to treat and cure an infected person. But it has been seen that in countries were level of development is higher and health care is easily reached this disease can be fought.
So far, every case of an American infected has ended happily, most recently Dallas nurse Amber Vinson the second patient to contract Ebola in the US has been discharged from Emory Hospital, Ebola-free.

Cases of Patients being cured in America have become almost predictable. All of the Ebola patients treated in the United States have so far survived. These exceed outcomes in Africa, where approximately 70 percent of patients die.

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The fact that there aren’t enough doctors makes it harder for patient to be treated in a one to one care. Infection control
Protective clothing including masks, gloves, gowns and goggles should be worn when coming into contact with an infected person. The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommend that the protective gear leaves no skin exposed. These measures should be carried out for those who may handle objects contaminated by an infected person's body fluids. In 2014, the CDC began recommending that medical personnel receive training on the proper suit-up and removal of personal protective equipment (PPE); in addition, a designated person, appropriately trained in biosafety, should be watching each step of these procedures to ensure they are done correctly. The typical training period for the use of such safety equipment lasted approximately 12 days in Sierra Leone.

The infected person should be in separated from other people. All equipment, medical waste, patient waste and surfaces that may have come into contact with body fluids need to be disinfected. During the 2014 outbreak, kits were put together to help families treat Ebola disease in their homes, which include protective clothing as well as chlorine powder and other cleaning supplies. Education of those who provide care in these techniques, and the establishment of such barrier-separation supplies has been a priority of Doctors without Borders.

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