Is Ebonics a Language? Essay example

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Ebonics Is (or Is Not) a Language
     Before getting into any great detail concerning the complexity of what language is and its relationship with the term Ebonics, Ebonics must first be defined. It is considered to be best described as “black speech” and therefore can be referred to as an “undefined language.” Many consider language to be a spoken tongue belonging to a nationality of people, so in general, and for the sake of clarity in this work, language is a general communication concept by which species relate to themselves and others. It is also a set of rules combined to establish a designated communication system.
In analyzing the two different meanings of language, Ebonics can be classified in both
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In accordance with other languages, Ebonics cannot necessarily be taught. The only way you can do that is if you break the rules of the English language. Just think, having a class where you purposely learn English in the wrong manner. Ebonics has no rules defining what is right to say as opposed to that which is grammatically incorrect. That means there is no right or wrong way to state something. This sparks yet another question. Can Ebonics be written and evaluated? Besides slavery, and the mistreating of blacks in the past, the ignorance behind this “undefined language” acts as the crutch for why blacks are not as well off as others. For many years, blacks were put into slavery. We all know that at one point the slaves learned the language of English. Well slaves were often watched by there master and many assistants on the plantation. Slaves would speak of things that would upset the master such as talking bad about him or even planning an escape. So slaves had do other choice but to come up with a language so wrong that whites could not do nothing but classify it as gibberish. As the years go by, blacks still create a language of their own. Mainly the uses of Ebonics is to separate our African culture from any others. While we strive to be different amongst others, we are only hurting ourselves. We may learn the grammar rules of English but, it would be overshadowed by our up bringing of using Ebonics. Many use its existence as an excuse to why

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