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Edgar Allan Poe, is a name that most people are familiar with. Why is that so? Poe was somebody who started something new in the late 19th century, he took all of the pain and darkness from inside of him and created a different style of writing that we all can relate to. Edgar Allan Poe, is still relevant today, because of how he used horror and suspense in his writing. A popular question to ask is “where did Poe get all of his darkness from”? Poe, had a forgettable childhood. According to ‘’, Poe’s family was dirt poor, and his mother passed away when he was two years old. Shortly after his mother’s death, Poe found himself in a foster home. He was under the care of as wealthy businessman, although he grew close to his foster mom, something didn’t feel right. Edgar’s foster father continually thought of him as a punk, and always believed that Edgar was ungrateful for everything that he had done for him. Poe’s dark childhood, helped him use gothic language in his writing. He took the pain and darkness that had developed in his early life and used it to create suspense in his stories.
Edgar Allan Poe, was somebody who did more than just write to entertain the readers, he
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It started with his childhood. Poe, didn’t have it easy growing up. Throughout his adult life, he experienced a sort of negligence from his community. He never quite saw the success of his work that was later established after he had passed away.This led him to use a more gothic form of writing. His writing inspired some great books such as Sherlock Holmes that we still enjoy today. Poe’s creation of the crime fiction genre, and use of gothic diction has helped him stay relevant all over the world today. Finally, Poe’s use of story pacing, first person narration and word choice in his famous piece The Tell-Tale Heart to keep readers interested, has helped him stay relevant to this

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