Is Education A Essential Role?

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Education plays a vital role in many steps toward many goals that I want to achieve. In today’s age it’s becoming more important to get a higher education such as a master’s degree that helps people like myself reach their highest potential in life and the success that we all want as a society and culture. The economy has propelled this type of education as a nesousary tool in order for people to get a job this expectably important on the federal levels that deals with Law enforcement. However, as society and everything around us is changing towards a world that deals with technology and people point of view of the law enforcement. so does the requirements of the law that are put in place. this means the level of education is also changes such as a high school diploma or associates degree no longer carrying the same esteem as they had in the past, as higher education is known required to fulfill aspirations. I am willing to put in the time and work necessary to become the best at my profession by obtaining a master’s degree in my chosen field.
For instance, applying to get into the master program and grad assistant position is one of the steps that I am taking in order for me to become a better person that is prepared in dealing with the changes that are happing all around me with law enforcement and the community itself. My future endeavors are to go into the Federal Department of law enforcement, however, I have not really made my mind up as to what unit or area in…
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