Is Education A Good Thing?

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Is education in our society today well rounded enough to prepare students for a successful future for themselves? “It’s time to educate the whole person, not just follow regulations and exam pathways” (Robinson.) We can all agree that having an education is a good thing, but can we really say that formal education, is really allowing a student to achieve their full potential? The system works great for information seekers, and it doesn’t really acknowledge the people who are creative, and the out of the box thinkers. Everyone is different; therefore not everyone is going to excel in an environment where it is based on memorization. Formal education restrains our minds and spirits rather than set them free because it’s industrialized, it values certain subjects over others, and classes are strictly timed. Formal education is industrialized. Instead of focusing on the student’s interest, and what they are skilled at, they’re forcing the students to take classes that they have no interest in, and then testing them on it. It seems as though the educational system is more focused on placing each student into a category. We go into schools and come out as a categorized product, rather than an individual. We’re taught that you’re either good at what they want you to know, or you wont be successful. Not everyone is academically smart, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be successful. Our minds and spirits are crushed early on in school. We’re taught that if we don’t do it how

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