Is Education A Moral And Civilised Society Which Is At Ease With Itself?

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Education’s main goal is to establish a “civilised, moral and contented society which is at ease with itself” (Hayes, 2008). This interpretation of education is one which I have seen gather meaning throughout my placement, if posed with the question ‘what is the aim of education?’ prior to my placement my response would have been a generic and standard answer referring to the possibilities of getting a job in the future and to meet government and societies standards. But my time on placement has allowed me to reflect upon and respond to the excellent teaching I have witnessed which has had a focus on meeting standards but there is an edge to the style of teaching, characterising how the teacher cares for every single child as an individual and wishes to see them grow and develop as individuals. This article of work has been broken down into four main sections; these sections are the main entries from my reflective diary which in my opinion are the most significant experiences from my time. The first section is focused primarily on how the teachers rapport which is built through her affection and care to her class which consequently inspires the class to work and behave for her and how this affects the behaviour management strategies used in the classroom, secondly I will look at the differentiation between pupils in the classroom, the role of the teaching assistant in the classroom and finally the use of questioning in the classroom. How teacher-pupil rapport affects

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