Is Education A Necessity Or A Benefit?

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Education is a necessity in this generation that is constantly changing behaviorally and academically. The answer to the question; whether education is a necessity or a benefit, education is required for most jobs and without an education; there is a slim chance at finding a job and making a living. Much debate is brought about different races and ethnic backgrounds that are attending college and their success in the workplace, how did one achieve such success with their background? Was their job handed to them because of the color of their skin? For many years, African Americans, Asians, whites, and Hispanics were all treated with a different kind of respect while being in education. Whites; being the majority, were treated with high respect and stereotyped to be successful while the African Americans were stereotyped to being unsuccessful and dropping out, same with the Hispanics. However, Asian Americans are stereotyped to being highly intelligent and successful not only in school, but in the work place as well. Granting that some of the stereotypes are true, there is much history to be discussed to justify the stereotypes and especially with Hispanics; most of which are untrue, are held against each individual who is Hispanic in education where whom the individual is already judged before being able to prove themselves. Hispanics are known for many of things including but not limited to; being lazy, not being able to speak Spanish, lacking in education, dropping out of…
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