Is Education For Disabled Children?

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Education for disabled children has always been a critical issue because in some places parents were not ready to accept that their children were disabled, and schools also used to keep these students out of the classes. In these situations, disabled children were left behind. That 's why in 1975 Federal law, IDEA Individual Disability Education Act took place. According to this law, disabled students from age 3 to 21 can get free and appropriate public education.
This paper briefly discusses Autism, Emotional, and Intellectual (ID) disabilities and their history, which are more common among children. Also, their effects on children and how with families ' and teachers ' support can help these children to face their problems. Emotional and Intellectual disabilities are two high incidence disabilities, which are shown more often in children. I will support my paper by involving different source quotes. I will also provide some examples to help readers to understand the disability and how it works. In the United States, ' the percentage of ID children are 8.6% and emotional disturbance is 7.5%, which is very high, where autism is in the category of lower incidence disabilities. In school-age population 0.3% of students have autism. Disabled children are not a cause of burden, they were born that way because of their families ' genetic structure.
Intellectual Disability
ID is formerly known as mental retardation. It is defined under the IDEA Act, as when a child shows the
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