Is Education Necessary For Education?

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In some places, education serves as something that can be received without any effort. However, there are many places that individuals have to overcome numerous obstacles in order to receive an education. These hardships have made education more valuable than anything else. Because of the additional complications individuals have to face in order to receive an education, many people will do anything they can in order to go through these obstacles. These individuals who have a harder experience with receiving education value education in a different perspective because these hardships allow them to treasure education more, to receive the insight of fighting against stereotypical challenges, to find their own identities, and to accept who they are. With the hardships and obstacles individuals have to go through, they treasure every opportunity possible for them to learn. For some, due to society’s limitations and restrictions, they are forbidden or have limited access to learning. These individuals will treasure every opportunity they can receive in order to gain access in learning. For example, Douglass, in “Learning to Read,” is forbidden to receive any access to education. Yet, he managed to teach himself how to read and write by treasuring every opportunity available, such as making connections with white boys who have received an education. In order to gain access to education, these individuals may make connections with people who know how to read and write.
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