Is Education The Key For Global Empowerment?

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Is Education the Key for Global Empowerment? Unlike what is the case in the US, globally primary education is far from a guarantee. Every year millions of children are going uneducated, stripping the intellectual capacity of many impoverished nations. No segment of the global population does this more acutely effect than girls. Many societies feel a strong cultural push educate boys but the same pressures are often absent for girls. Insert link to article on Michelle Obama Why is this important? Increasing access to education not only increasing the intellectual ceiling of a region but it has the power in revolutionizing the lives of millions. Each additional year of schooling will increase future wages by 10-20% (Global Campaign for Education, 5). The benefits of female education far surpass that of men. A well-educated female is far less likely to have unwanted pregnancies, contract HIV, and contribute more of their wages to their families; up to 90% vs. a male’s 30-40% (GCE, 5). We are incredibly fortunate to be living in the United States. While the US is certainly not a perfect society; there exists an ability to “create our own destiny.” There is no explicit prohibition on a role any of the members of this class may wish to achieve. At the same time, it would be foolish to not acknowledge that while everyone may have a freedom of agency, structural issues do still exist. These exist primarily due to sticky implicit biases that all people have, normally
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