Is Elective Inductions Prior?

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Elective Inductions Prior to 39 Weeks It seems as though it is becoming more and more common for women to ask about being induced earlier in their pregnancy instead of waiting for the date that they are due or waiting until that 39 week mark. It seems like women are just getting tired of being pregnant and just want to be done and have their baby already. What they may not realize, is that having that attitude or mind set could potentially be harmful to their baby. As of October 9, 2012 it was to be implemented by Banner Health that elective inductions or caesarean sections will only be done if the mother is 39 weeks or greater. Now that the policy is in effect, what is being done with it? Is it being followed? As well as what do nurses…show more content…
Some reasons that this induction or c-section may be done would include; Abruptio placentae, gestational hypertension, fetal demise, preeclampsia, pre mature rupture of membranes, as well as conditions with the mother or with the fetus inside. After speaking with the nurses in labor and delivery, they all seem to agree with this policy. They had very strong feelings about this topic actually. One nurse said that she feels that if it is a normal and healthy pregnancy that has not have any issues, they should let nature run its course and do its thing. The woman 's body know what it is doing and usually knows when she is ready to begin the laboring process. Another nurse believes that having an induction can increase risk of having to have an emergency c-section. She also believes that delivering a baby just because you want to regardless of what the gestational age is, you risk pre term babies that could have problems and may not be as healthy as if the mother would have waited and let her body naturally do it. From what I saw, they do not necessarily follow it, I took care of a patient last week who was being induced at 37 weeks. I could tell the reasoning why they shouldn’t. She had been in labor and delivery for 24 hours already and was not progressing at all. So she should not have been induced, as her body did
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