Is Elective Inductions Prior?

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Elective Inductions Prior to 39 Weeks It seems as though it is becoming more and more common for women to ask about being induced earlier in their pregnancy instead of waiting for the date that they are due or waiting until that 39 week mark. It seems like women are just getting tired of being pregnant and just want to be done and have their baby already. What they may not realize, is that having that attitude or mind set could potentially be harmful to their baby. As of October 9, 2012 it was to be implemented by Banner Health that elective inductions or caesarean sections will only be done if the mother is 39 weeks or greater. Now that the policy is in effect, what is being done with it? Is it being followed? As well as what do nurses that are working on the floor feel about it? This policy was put in to place strictly because it is what is safest. If a mother wants to have an induction or c-section, prior to 39 weeks, it can put the infant at severe risk for many things, and honestly there is really no benefit for the mother, except then she doesn’t have to be pregnant anymore, and if that is her reasoning, she really has not good reason to be electively doing these things. Things that this newborn could be at risk for would include transient tachypnea, respiratory distress syndrome, ventilator support, sepsis, feeding problems and more chances of the newborn ending up in the neonatal intensive care unit. The only reason that a patient should be induced or receive a…
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