Is Electronic Media Beneficial in Children’s Education? Essay

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Is Electronic Media beneficial in Children’s Education?
Over the last decades, it is generally realized that the educational technology has developed dramatically. Electronic media has benefitted the system of education in an enormous way. Electronic media is the media which uses electronics or electromechanical energy for the audience to access the content. Video recording, audio recording, multimedia presentations, CD-ROM and online content are all forms of electronic media and any equipment used in electronic communication process such as radio, television, desktop computers, laptops, electronic whiteboards, and electronic textbooks is also considered as electronic media. Education has become far more convenient as internet and social
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Therefore, with the viewpoint of the writers it elaborates that mobile devices, internet and graphical games are the three types of e-learning that has created curiosity, a sense of social interaction and eagerness to learn new thing among students and the content of these technologies are based on recent curriculum. This helps a student to follow well defined instructions and to share opnions and discussions online for better assessment.
In addition to this Poore (2013) argued that the new social media has reformed the traditional media resources such as the usage of newspapers, books and magazines have reduced due to the availability of information on online resources such as Moodle and WebCT. Hence, it also provides intellectual benefits such as children can learn how to analyze, interpret and synthesize the information. Okoro (2012) acknowledge that integrating social media technologies into higher education can enhance ongoing communication between teacher and student which helps in promoting collaborative learning activities. His findings laid stress on effectiveness of teaching and student learning outcomes with an appropriate example of understanding the usage of electronic media in making strategies and practicing skills in business
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