Is Equality Making Us Sick

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If I were to tell you that based on your economic standpoint in life that in its self could help determine the future of your health, would you believe me or call me absurd? A recent documentary called “Is Equality Making Us Sick” takes a strong argument to show that the life you grow up in or even build for yourself can determine such a factor that seems only fitting for God to decide. This factor is called social determinants of health, meaning that based on your access to income and education this will help determine your life span (Unnatural causes). Social, as well as income inequality will be what puts you on your death bed faster or slower and is a matter that shall not be taken lightly. So, how is it in a country as flourished as The United States can we face such an issue? A country where we have the highest growth domestic product (Washington Post, year), a country where our athletes prove us again and again that we are on top of the world, beating record after record. After all this, how can we still be so inclined that our health is not at its’ prime game, as it should be? Has our competition with the rest of the world belittle us and blinded us with our own corners of the world. The harsh reality is that the United States lead 30th in life expectancy and our overall life expectancy is just shy of 78 years (Unnatural Causes/put publication and year for documentary citation). This has to do with the opportunities we give our citizens and their limits; limits such
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