Essay about Is Equality Truly Equal?

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Women have always been paid less than men for doing the same work of the same quality. We are at a point in history where all people are considered to be equal, especially in this country. But even in this “equal world, women are still paid less. Is this what equal looks like? We can’t just brag about being of the forerunners of the modern world, we have to actually practice what we preach. The worst part of this inequality is that most people are oblivious to this pay gap; employees are usually prohibited from sharing the amount they are being paid. A large number of families that this affects are single mother families where there is only one paycheck to provide for the entire family. “In 2010, in nearly two-thirds of families (63.9…show more content…
However, the employers continued to segregate workers based on gender and paid the women's jobs less. Then, for the first time, women and their unions challenged the low wage rates for women's jobs, although the unfortunate truth is that, as women strive to attain equality in the workplace, the wages that measure their progress move slowly. There was a time when gender equality meant the ability to be hired if one was a woman. After this hurdle was overcome, it seemed as if the game was over and economic equality had been achieved for women. But now in the twenty-first century, a new goal has emerged: getting hired at the same pay level regardless of one's gender. A recent study found that the US ranks 27th among the world's developed countries in terms of women's economic achievement. It has been about fifty years since we passed the equal pay act in 1963, which was aimed at abolishing discrimination in payment based on gender given that they have the same qualifications and produce quality work. In 1963 women made 59 cents on every dollar made by a man, now in 2013 the pay gap has changed only by a mere 18 cents. Women who work full time earn a median monthly salary of $2,665 compared to the $3,289 earned by men. That is a difference of $624 a month or $7,488 a year. Imagine how much a few extra dollars every month could change the life of a family, instead of barely making ends
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