Is Equipment Present Of Instructional Settings?

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Key Question 1: Is equipment present in instructional settings? Lee County is the fourth largest district in Florida, and the second highest low socio-economic status in the state. The equipment found in each fourth grade classroom is seven desktop computers, six for the students and one teacher station. Each classroom has a podium with a laptop and document camera. There are projectors set up to display on the Smartboard. In the school we have one computer lab with 30 computers, and additional five mobile labs with 25 computers on each. Key Question 2: Is equipment available for use by students? (What types, include average age of computers, ratio or number of computers to number of students in a class, labs or classroom, hours of…show more content…
This is not currently working in many classroom because there are only four computers and an hour rotation. Key Question 3: Is equipment available for use by teachers? (What types and how is it used i.e. electronic grade book, computer assisted instruction, projection, etc.) In each classroom, teachers have a workstation with a computer and laser jet printers. In the front of the classroom, there is a podium set up with a laptop and document camera that is projected from the projector to the Smartboard. These are changing after the Christmas break. Currently, all projectors sit on student desk and are more of a hassle then a help, due to the fact you must re-collaborate every time the projector is nudged. The district office have purchased new projectors that will be mounted on the ceiling. All teachers will get new laptops and be able to use the old ones to take home for work. In addition, all teachers have IPads that were purchased to use Mastery Connect on. They also have a connection to the Smartboards, so you are able to write on the pad and it will translate to the board. Teachers also have many instructional applications available to help with grading, data, and parent contact. Parentlink is one of these apps. Parentlink is the communication application that is used in Lee County. Parentlink is intended to increase parent involvement and improve student’s access to information. If a parent
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