Is Ethics Promoted By Human Resource Management Affects The Operations Of An Organization

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The purpose of this paper is to examine the manner in which ethics promoted by human resource management affects the operations of an organization. The human resource management is responsible for implementing the accepted behavior of the stakeholders to ensure that the company runs smoothly. The company is dependent on the human resource in maintaining and promoting ethical behaviors as it has the responsibility of educating, training and communicating the behavior of the stakeholders. This paper clarifies the manner in which the human resource management engages in various operative activities for instance protecting the company from infringing the set laws and regulations through practicing unethical behaviors. It is very easy for the human resource management to implement a code of ethics through the established policies of the company that establishes the ethical behavior and helps in governing the daily activities of the organization. It is evident that promoting ethics yields more benefits to the organization as for instance the employees are motivated thereby increasing the productivity of the company.
The theoretical consideration on ethics in business focuses on the ecological as well as social responsibilities of a company within a community as ethics are regarded an important aspect in the external self-presentation and the perception of the organization in economic terms (Köster, 2002). The relationship between human resource management and ethics has been
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