Is Euthanasia A Lethal Injection?

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Isaac Asimov, a prolific writer in the twentieth century (Isaac Asimov), once said “Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It 's the transition that 's troublesome” (Moncur, Michael). While Asimov said this in a general sense he had a point to this, or some truth in his statement. When animals or household pets are ill and are very close to death, veterinarians will inform the owner on options of euthanasia or “putting the pet to sleep.” While the owner officially has to make the decision of putting the pet out of it’s pain or misery with a lethal injection. In the case of humans, rather than animals, whether or not a lethal injection should be given is a highly argued ethical and economical matter. In this paper, peoples’ cultures and how …show more content…

Passive euthanasia is legal in both India and Mexico, while active euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Columbia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Ireland. In the United States active euthanasia is illegal, while passive is legal. “Physician-assisted suicide is legal in some states of America, Washington, Montana, Vermont, and California” (Where Is Euthanasia Legal).

The first source that evaluates religion as a factor of accepting euthanasia was “Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide (PAS)” written by Robinson. Bruce A. Robinson is from Ontario Canada and has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Physics. Bruce Robinson is an Agnostic, which means “a person who has concluded that the existence or nonexistence of God cannot be proven at this time” (“Who Are Our Web Site 's Authors”). He has written many articles on different social conflicts, including homosexual rights and abortion, along with different articles on various religions. The article is from a website named Religious Tolerance, where Robinson is one of the main authors. This website is funded by ads for banners on the website, donations, and other authors who want to publish their books on the website. Religious Tolerance includes different aspects of different religions to create their judgement on a specific topic. Each author on the website has a degree in different fields like “engineering, medicine, computers, and urban planning” ("Part 4 of 5 Parts:”). None of the author’s have degrees in

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