Is Euthanasia Necessary For Terminally Ill Patients?

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Whenever one visits a hospital they are disgusted with the abundance of sick and terminally ill patients. Their future is dim and they will probably not live a full life. As bills build up their family faces the burden of debt. But yet, they must sit in agony for years hoping for an end. Not able leave the hospital room. What should be done to end the endless pain?

Euthanasia is ending one 's life for them. This is currently illegal in the United States, even though 84% of the public and 54% of doctors support it! Euthanasia is necessary for terminally ill patients and their loved ones. So for starters, we must legalize euthanasia. But if we just legalize euthanasia, then we must accept suicide and murder. Anybody could have the right to end their own or another’s life. So if it is regulated and we remove the patient’s dignity.

Why should the patients die without dignity? Because for some patients, death is not necessary, and a honor less death is not worth the release from the pain. But the patients that want and need to die don 't care how they die as long as the agony is over. So how do we create a death that lacks dignity? Suicide usually happens behind closed doors and on the person’s own terms. But what if we removed that setting and it replaced it with a public organized death? Similar to the death penalty, we would have jury to approve the patient’s death. In order to prevent unnecessary deaths. Then, the day before, the patient will receive their last wish…
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