Is Evian A Brand Image For The Bottled Water Product?

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Evian is a brand which sells mineral water owned by a French multinational corporation. It used to be portrayed as a luxury and expensive bottled water which is made by natural spring water. It used to be extremely popular because of its high quality. However, after all this years, it seems like that Evian has gradually losing its brand value and gradually turning into a normal good, so the company desperately needed a new idea to help it becoming fashionable once again. Thus, it held a campaign named “Original” (, 2016) in order to recreate the brand image for the bottled water product.

In this essay, I am going to argue that Evian invited Guy Seese, a brilliant advertising creator in Washington, to reposition Evian the bottled water as a pure and ‘magical’ product which is going to be popular around the world because it is a combination of natural world and cultural connotation. The point of view above is achieved in several ways: firstly, people from different race in the ads reflects the worldwide acceptance of Evian. Also, it exhibits its magically pure qualities by combining the bottled water with fairy tales and ultra-fantastic scenes that we can never seen in the real life. What’s more, the use of different elements from mother nature in the poster expresses how natural and clean Evian’s water is; and the use of some well-known fairy tales from different cultures shows that Evian’s water is not just a simple shallow bottled water from savaged earth but
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