Is Evil Born or Made?

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Evil people are found throughout the entire world. Young or old, small or large, evil people exist all around the world. Rather hurting other people or animals, these acts are inhumane and abnormal. Any act of violence is wrong, but actually harming or killing other people or animals is over the line. Evil has been studied for thousands of years, and the root question is always, is evil born or made? Children can be completely normal and be a great child, and as they reach middle adulthood they could fall off the deep end.
On a study of this controversy of nature versus nurture, Ulysses Handy was observed. He was a normal child raised in a religious home with his single mother. He was active in boy scouts and was an honor student. Although he had a great childhood, Handy felt extremely lonely and misunderstood. He feels as though the pain he felt couldn’t compare to others, so he resulted in killing people so they could get a taste of what he feels like on a daily basis (Wallace 1). Feeling lonely as a child can lead to many problems in adulthood, and leans towards the side of nurture. Handy’s family was normal and so was he, until he started feeling lonely, which grew into his rage to hurt others so they could feel his pain. He was nurtured into becoming evil by the lack of parental attentiveness. The feelings of children can explain their actions, and when not treated right away can develop into deeper problems that cannot be fixed. Children who are nurtured evil have
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