Is Evolution, Creationism, Or Maybe Both?

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Which will you believe after reading this evolution, creationism, or maybe both? My purpose is to prove that both of the two competing beliefs could both be true. My purpose is to inform. Basically in creationism, God created Earth first, then the sky, then land, then plants, then animals, and finally mankind in his own image. In other words, the whole world and everything on it was created by god. In evolution, the Big Bang created an ever expanding universe. Earth had water, which then grew plants, causing air and single-celled organisms, which evolved into other animals, like monkeys for instance, which finally evolved into mankind. I will be comparing and contrasting how the human race had started, whether they're proven or not, where they're enforced as a fact, how they could both work together, and how many followers or believers each belief has. The big question now, is how was mankind made? In creationism we are creations of god, made in his image. In evolution monkeys evolved into mankind. Honestly, theres really no evidence in evolution or creationism. The only evidence of creationism is the bible, but is that really evidence? Evolution has definitely not been proven by the fossil records.…show more content…
It is possible that both could work together. God created Earth sky, land, plants, animals, and last but not least mankind. Notice how the animals were made first, therefore when he made humans, he made the monkeys evolve. The only loop hole with that theory is that God made people in his own image according to the bible. I hope that I have further informed you on this huge worldwide argument on two different popular beliefs. There are many different interpretations of Creationism and Evolution. Now you can take your side of this major
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