Is Facebook A New Search Tool Bar?

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I found this article for Popular Science under catalog of Technology. It is describing about Facebook has a new search tool bar that allowed people to search for thing that are interesting. According to the article, it says that Facebook can for more than 2 trillion posts. As now Facebook also join hand with some news web to expand news for the users. They catalog with different section like sports, weather, and other. In this 21th century, Facebook is one of close friend that we spend time with. Sometime I wonder if we see Facebook’s page more often than see our parents’ face. Every time, I sit in the computer, I see almost every student open their Facebook’s page. Or, sitting in the hallway, face down with their phone or walking with it. Last night, I was talking my younger sister about her friends on Facebook while driving from St. Cloud back home in St. Paul. She told me that she never be lonely because she could talk with her friend wherever she been to. I asked her if she is talking with her friend now while we drive home, then she said no. I told her that she should be back to the reality because when her Wi-Fi, phone, or iPad die she will a black screen friend. Anyway, Facebook is not that bad. It is a new world open an opportunity with other new story and it is fast to share news cross different place with different time. However, it is not always be good all the time. It is information cannot be 100% trust. Since Facebook open to the public use in 2004 until

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