Is Facebook Making Us Lonely

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Sentence: The essay Stephen Marche wrote “Is Facebook Making Us Lonely” is talking about with the technology what the society looks like now, and social media like Facebook and twitter have made us more densely network than ever. Paragraph: In Stephen Marche’s article, Facebook is a reason people are becoming move lonely and standard. The relationship between technology and loneliness is strong. According to the article people who spend their time on devices and social network sights are finding themselves lacking in the ability to communicate in person. One effect that is brought up throughout the article is loneliness, in which is made the more often one drowns themselves in social media. Facebook in particular, is the…show more content…
Facebook, in particular, is the target of this article, with its enormous audience, Facebook is the go-to website to see the latest gossip, get in touch with everyone, and be in touch with everyone. So a lot of people give up face-to -face to talk with each other instead using the Facebook or any other technology. The research put into the lonely topic consists of psychologist’s opinions and real events. For example, the books Sherry Turkle wrote like “Life on the screen” and “Alone together” can see how serious the impact is. Another effect is loneliness is not a matter of external conditions but rather more of a psychological state, which can cause neuroticism, or anxiety with due time. For example, John Cacioppo, the director of the center for cognitive and social neuroscience at the University of Chicago, says the epidemic of loneliness is affecting the basic functions of human physiology. And in one experiment, Cacioppo confirmed “The greater the proportion of online interactions, the lonelier you are.” What’s more, in the article, the author shows us many other researchers and examples from the professional study prove his topic “Is Facebook making us lonely." For example, Moira Burke concludes that the effect of Facebook depends on what people bring to it. And her research does not support the assertion that Facebook creates loneliness. So in other words, social media can cause a person
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