Is Facebook The Devil?

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Is Facebook the Devil? Every morning we wake up and the first thing we fumble for is our smartphones, fully recharged for the new day. We find ourselves clicking on that trademark blue logo with the “f” stamped across it. It has basically become a morning ritual, like brushing your teeth or taking that first sip of coffee; we have to know what we missed last night while we were finally fast asleep. We have all been guilty of this at some point. When does a social medium cross the line from fun to addiction? “Facebook is the Devil,” my dad retorts to my mother as she sifts through the backlog of endless wedding photos, baby announcements, and political propaganda. You may laugh, but the statement above has some merit. If you ever catch yourself thinking “Wow, what a blooming idiot!” or “Eww, that’s a horrible picture of her. Why would she post that?” or my personal favorite “That baby is really ugly.” chances are you may need to take some time off Facebook. Social media has a way of revealing everyone’s true colors; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Facebook was made with good intentions by Harvard student, Mark Zuckerburg and fellow roommates in February of 2004. The site was designed for the school campus to share educational ideas. Later, access to Facebook opened up to Ivy League schools and then to all U.S. college universities. Eventually, Facebook caught on with gaining worldwide popularity, there is even a movie about the social networking giant. Tech savvy teens
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