Is Falling Failure or Freedom? Essay

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Is Falling Failure or Freedom?
What defines a “fall”? Some would say that a fall is a freeing from the restrictions of the oppression of a supreme being. Others would say that a fall is the punishment that comes from foolishly disobeying the one who is in authority over you. The falls in book nine of “Paradise Lost” and “Othello” both have parallels in the reasons and methods in which revenge was carried out and perfection was destroyed. But these stories end with different victors and very different balances of power.
The fall of “Paradise Lost” does have motives and patterns common with the fall of “Othello.” Each story establishes the authority of a Supreme Being, God the creator and Othello respectively. God the creator made
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God tells Adam and Eve that they may eat of any tree in the garden, but they must not eat of the tree in the middle of the garden, which is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God told Adam and Eve that if they ate of the tree they would surely die. Satan, who is jealous of the position of glory that God has put man in, plots his revenge against God. Satan wants to destroy the perfection of God’s creation, and cause the consequences of disobedience to come upon mankind as it did upon him at the time of his own rebellion against God. Satan had been cast out of heaven and eternally damned to hell, and he planned that man would have to face the same fate if they would disobey God. Satan deceived Eve and Eve disobeyed God, and which event signified the fall of man. The death God said would come if they ate the fruit was not a physical death, but a spiritual death that would affect life on earth and the fate of man after death. To the earth it brought pain and sorrow, greed, jealousy, sin, anger, and any unpleasant feeling or unfulfilling work. Eternally, man’s disobedience brought exactly what Satan wished for, the damnation of imperfect mankind to an eternity in hell, only because God is perfect and can not look upon imperfection. But the actual end of the story is not in line with this loss of hope. The end is what differs greatly from the end of “Othello.”
In “Othello”, Iago is jealous of the fact that Othello
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