Is Family Paid Leave?

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Family Paid Leave One cannot simply address the idea of family paid leave without looking at issues that have impacted the family unit previously known by our nation’s founding fathers. While it is true that divorce was an issue prior to the United States ever establishing itself as a nation, it is important to know that in the years prior to 1970 there had to be a legitimate reason for ones being granted a divorce; adultery, desertion, bigamy. Prior to the “no-fault” divorce, national divorce rates held steady between the years 1950 and 1965 at 2.4 divorces per every thousand people. It was only after the “no fault” divorce implementation by California in 1969 and its subsequent adoption by other states in 1970 that divorce rates…show more content…
Divorce fractures the family unit which had previously provided its children with much needed stability and allowed those children to prosper. Assets that previously been allocated to a child’s development are now used to help them adapt to their new life status. Our nation’s involvement in WWI required significant manpower which led to the enlistment of a significant portion of our male population as well as a smaller female faction. The result was a deficit in the industrial workforce of our nation. In an attempt to shore up these deficits our government incentives for those women who chose to leave their homemaker status to enter the workforce and support of the war effort. During WWII two-thirds of our nation’s married women entered the work force to aid the nation’s war effort. At the conclusion of the World Wars, many post war families had become reliant on the second income of the wife/mother making it difficult to revert back to traditional family ideologies. More recently, legislation legalizing gay marriage is yet another weakening of the conservative traditional family unit which the former secretary of education, William Bennett, deemed “vital to civilization’s success.” Socialists as well as Communists have previously expressed their extreme aversion to both the traditional ideas of family and marriage. Socialist’s ideologies include children being divorced from their parents and their being transferred to a communal style of living.
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