Is Fast Food Fat?

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Is Fast Food Fat? Over the past few decades the obesity rate along with the amount of fast food restaurants has increased at a drastic amount. In fact in the past thirty years the, “U.S. spending on fast food has risen from $6 Billion to $110 billion” (Jason P. Block) dollars. While there are many contributing factors, the fact of the matter is that the United States is growing to become one of the most obese countries in the entire world. Also it seems that in today’s times nobody can spare time to get the physical exercise that they need to burn off all of the empty non-nutritious calories that they consume from these fast food restaurants. The reason that we, being the United States, consume so much fast food is due to the lack of time/desire we have to make a meal, the communities that we live in, the non-stop advertising that is geared towards the youth, and the fact that we just love our fast food. The main amount of obesity is starting off with the children. Just over the past quarter of a century “America’s children and youth have almost tripled” (American Psychological Association) in their obesity rates, (See Chart Below). Also over the past decade or so, “Research has found strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious food and rates of childhood obesity”. Advertisers for fast food, cereal, snacks and other unhealthy foods have found out that the best way to aggrandize their product is to put it in children’s faces wherever they go. The
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