Is Fear Or Phobia?

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Fear or Phobia?
Fear. Fear is an emotion that we have all experienced at least once or twice throughout our lives. It’s actually quite normal to be a little nervous around a snake slithering at your feet, or maybe even getting sweaty palms before giving a speech in front of a large crowd. But when that fear starts to become unbearable, so much so to the point that it becomes difficult to function, there is a possibility that something a little past a simple fear is being experienced. A phobia is what could be occurring.
What is a Phobia?
According to Depla, phobias are one of the most widely prevalent mental disorders on a lifetime basis. Only major depressive disorder and alcohol abuse have a higher lifetime prevalence in the surveys that were conducted. They also found a very high linkage between people suffering from a specific phobia to having other mental disorders as well, a percentage as high as 80%. Things bring forward the question, what exactly is a phobia?
A phobia is an irrational and/or disproportionate fear of an item or circumstance. More likely than not, the phobia consists of a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm says Raphael Rose, PhD, associate director of the Anxiety Disorders Research Center and associate clinical professor at the University of California-Los Angeles’ Department of Psychology and Psychiatry and Bio behavioral Sciences. The National Institute of Mental Health reports that an estimated 19.2 million adults are dealing…
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