Is Firefighter Equipment Safe Enough Essay

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Is Firefighter Equipment Safe Enough? Firefighter equipment is constructed of some of the most high tech material that has been created in order to keep the firefighter as safe as possible. Constantly new items are made that are proven to be better than the last. Their equipment protects them from a lot. They are equipped with oxygen to breathe when in a smoky building; they have extremely large knee pads to crawl on the ground with because smoke rises so that is where the visibility is the best; they have coats and pants to protect them from the heat and also to help prevent them from getting cut on any sharp materials they may encounter; they have steel toed boots so if anything drops they won’t get hurt; and they have helmets to protect their heads. However, even though it seems like everything is perfect some equipment can use some tweaking. My brother, Alex Paris, a firefighter in Prince William County said, “I think the equipment we have today is very safe maybe almost too safe because it is causing us to go further in the fire and not being able to feel the heat. In the past firefighters used their ears as sensors to determine when it was too hot and time to back out but now we have nomex hoods that prevent us from doing this.” When I asked him if there were any concerns he had with it he said, “I would like to have a facemask with increased visibility in very smoky conditions. I would also like knee pads that are thicker and easier to move around in because in most

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