Is Fitness An Obsession?

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Is fitness an obsession? Many would say yes, but here is the real question. Is the strive for health and fitness a bad obsession to have? In a personal interview with a Jorge Mendoza, who frequents the gym many times per week and also keeps a strict meal plan, how he would define an obsession. Mendoza’s answer was a simple “too much.” The word obsession has such a negative connotation that even if paired with a word as positive as fitness the negativity is still overpowering. Fitness is a wonderful obsession to have because by dieting and keeping a good workout schedule not only do they each have their own separate benefits but together they bring many emotional and mental benefits. Dieting is often perceived as “starving.” Actually if done correctly a person should be eating more than even three time a day but that alone will not reap the benefits unless it is a properly balanced diet. In an article by Serena Styles on the benefits of proper nutrition she gives many reasons as to how a diet can be healthy for the body. First, to even have a healthy balanced diet one must achieve a perfect ratio between proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and key vitamins and minerals. These five essential parts combined together help the body to obtain many valuable benefits. A major benefit is heart health. Since the heart is the most important organ in the body everyone should want to keep it as healthy as possible. That can easily be achieved by lowering one’s intake of fats, sodium, and

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