Is Football A Dangerous Sport For High School Sports

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Is Football a Dangerous Sport for High School Students
In the three sources we’ve read about whether football is too dangerous for high school students to play in high school, I disagree with its being too dangerous. If playing football is too dangerous in high school, then it should be dangerous for the N.F.L players to play too. They are more aggressive and train harder than the high school players. It can cause lots of concussion. Or even worse injuries than concussions. Additionally, the injuries to high school students are greater than in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football players. If there are concerns with high school football players getting too many concussions, then they should have them train differently. “There are ways to reduce the number and severity of football injuries through targeted intervention. Because we observed high levels of ankle and knee injuries, we recommend increased conditioning by ankles and knee rule changes aimed at protecting these vulnerable body sites.” (Source 1) What Christy Collins, MA, research associate in CIPR at Children’s Hospital and co-author of the study says about increasing conditioning with ankles and knees is a good example of what they should do with the high school football players. Increase the time and add on to exercises that would help teach the high school players how to be more careful or not at getting concussions. By training more can deduce a number of injuries high school players
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