Is Football A Physically Demanding Sport?

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Football is a physically demanding sport. Every time the ball is snapped, the players lunge into one another at high speeds, along with hard-hitting force, resulting in physical injury to the body and traumatic blows to the head. Players take full-on hits that jolt their bodies back and forth. With the impact of acceleration, deceleration, or collision, the brain is shaken violently causing it to rattle inside the skull. The repetitive hits to the head, that football players endure, bring about mental and cognitive problems, which eventually lead to traumatic brain injuries. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, known as CTE, is a progressive degenerative brain disease which has recently been found in deceased NFL athletes with a history of repetitive head trauma ( Eventually, the repeated blows to the head lead to concussions. A player can have a concussion even when there is no loss of consciousness. “Punch drunk” is a sport idiom that derived from boxing. It refers to the boxer 's disorientation from repeated blows to the head, resulting in concussions. The symptoms from these blows are similar to how an alcohol intoxicated person may act; confused, with slow or delayed movements, unsteady gait, and slurred speech. Repeated concussive and sub-concussive blows are what cause the ”punch drunk”, medically known as dementia pugilistica. Also, a type of traumatic brain injury, which not only effects boxers, but many athletes participating in collision contact sports.…

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