Is Football A Team For A Winning Percentage?

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Every Sunday, football fans watch their favorite football teams duel on the gridiron to complete one objective: win. The objective for every sport is to win, and there are specific traits that point to a winning team. The most obvious way winning is defined is by how many points a team scores. A team’s winning percentage proves which team has more wins. However, to predict if a team will be successful is a more difficult task. The goal of this study is to determine how significant third down conversion percentage is to achieving a higher winning percentage. Our hypothesis is that the more efficient a team is on third downs, the more likely the team will have a higher winning percentage. The results of this study could be important for coaches so they can focus their practice time on third down situations. This paper also gives football fans another way to look at how successful their team will be through efficiency and appreciate their coaches and players that much more. Previous to this paper, there has been limited research done on this topic. From what we found, there has only been one study on third down conversion. The theoretical model in our paper denotes winning percentage as the dependent variable, and we assume that all teams try to maximize win and efficiency. In order to test our hypothesis in our empirical model, we chose eight variables and ran them in a regression. The regression results showed a strong correlation between a team’s third down
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