Is Fossil Fuel Reserves Be Diminished?

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… Introduction
With the rise in pollution levels and global warming, it is becoming necessary to find an alternative to fossil-fuels in transport energy. According to Shafiee, S. & Topal, E, the authors of the journal article ‘When will fossil fuel reserves be diminished?’ the supply of fossil fuels will drastically decline towards a potential shortage of fossil fuel from approximately the year 2042 [6]. According to The Economist, the increase of petroleum prices are due to a number of factors including the rising global demand and the supply of fossil fuels. Statistically, producers of petroleum only supply about 8 million litres per day, while the world consumes roughly 273 million litres per day, which clearly does not satisfy the demand of petroleum (Chisholm, P., 2000).
To answer the call of this crisis, the world may turn to other energy sources like biofuels, which are a relatively developed, yet innovative alternative to fossil fuels. Biofuel is a cleaner and renewable source of fuel that is able to combat fossil fuel price increases in relation to the limiting supply of fossil fuels with many existing and currently developing biofuel technologies to lower greenhouse gas emission and environmental damage. Biofuel technology derives from organic biomass which may include trees, grasses, plants and aquatic plants. From the photosynthesis of these biomass materials, plants convert carbon dioxide (CO2) and water into carbohydrates (simple sugars) and lignocellulose.
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