Is Fracking Safe?

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Is Fracking Safe?

February 3, 2012

Is Fracking Safe Safe natural gas fracturing or “fracking” is on the rise and our country is benefiting from in on several levels. From meeting energy needs to creating jobs and helping the economy, natural gas is an invisible miracle. Many precautions are taken during the fracking process in order to ensure it is safe as possible. Natural gas is something I work around every day due to the fact I work in the oilfield and the work I do is carried out during a “frac.” Many environmentalist and various people from different scientific fields argue that the benefits are not worth the risk. Is natural gas a
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Last year, however, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated that 84 (TCF) will be usable from the shale and will be made available primarily through fracturing.(Fowler) New underground imaging practices and different methods to survey shale formations are providing even more natural gas availability than we ever thought possible. When speaking of cleaner and more locally available energy more is definitely better.
The natural gas industry is here to stay and we will be a better nation because of it. Many of the issues brought up against natural gas fracturing are often times inflated by people with misguided views of the industry, many of whom probably use natural gas daily. The benefits far outweigh the negative issues that are being blown out of proportion by lobbyists and environmental groups. With any major industry there are going to be side effects that need attention to ensure proper regulation. One would be hard pressed to find a major industry throughout history that required zero regulation to ensure safety. As long as the research continues into finding even better methods to produce natural gas the sky is the limit. A cleaner and more efficient energy source lies in the ground right here in our country. It provides energy and jobs for the people of our nation and does not require us to spend more money overseas where enough has been spent
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