Is Frankenstein Really A Monster

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Do I think Frankenstein's monster was really a monster? No I don’t, honestly he was the most human. Victor was the monster. Although ‘Frank’ did kill Victor’s wife and a small boy, Victor cut off his owns wife’s head. If you're calling ‘Frank’ a monster because he killed two people then yeah maybe he is. “Regular” people do that and worse to other people daily. So considering this every person who has killed someone is a “monster”. Right? Or maybe, it’s the way he looks. The old man was not scared of him, why? Because he was blind. He couldn’t see what ‘Frank’ looked like. But when the others came back they were terrified of him, going so far as to beat him. When all he wanted was a friend. He worshipped these people like Gods, stealing from them at first then after seeing them struggling, he picked their garden for them and they thanked a spirit. Then attacked the man who just wanted to help. Maybe if Victor didn’t leave him to die…show more content…
Way to go. How do I define Monster? Simple. Someone in which we are scared of. Like I said about the old blind man not being scared of him. He was not scared of him because he could not see him, but when the others saw him, they were scared and called him a monster. Just like coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. Most people are scared of clowns because of the way they look, but if someone was to take off the mask or makeup they wouldn’t be scared of them. The fear could also be triggered from what the person has done. ‘Frank’ did do some pretty bad things, but not in the beginning, and not to the family in the woods. Again they were scared of how he looked. If he were handsome they knew that he had killed a little boy and ripped out the heart of a woman then they would probably still be scared of him. So I think it just depends, rather you judge or hate someone by the way they look is up to you. It might not right but you do
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