Is Frankenstein Really Right

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If you break a promise for a good reason, is it still right? Upon reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, The monster had met with Frankenstein, saying he would no longer commit any murders under one condition; Frankenstein had to make a female partner for the monster. Throughout the story, Frankenstein had started to make a monster but, after a series of bad thoughts and premonitions, he had regretted even starting to make a new monster and tore up and destroyed the female monster. Frankenstein has broken his promise with the monster, but for good reasons. He was right to do this because 1) the female could also be a killer, 2)what if both monsters reject each other, 3) If Frankenstein created another monster, the future of mankind could be in danger. What if more monsters are produced and don’t get along with humans in the future? There could be war.
If Frankenstein had made the female monster, couldn’t this female be a killer too? Frankenstein’s monster had already killed William in the story already
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People were scared of him, and he was hurt by some men. So, if the monster and this female were to reproduce, would their offspring be accepted in the future? Since, the monster was judged brutally by the people, future generations of monsters could be treated the same. Humans may not accept them and see them as a threat. They could declare war on monsters. This ruin humanity could result in an apocalyptic era.
The big idea here is that if Frankenstein created another monster that would affect many people. Creating the monster was already a lot of trouble. The monster had faced unfair treatment from the public, and had killed one person already. So, really, he was right to ruin and dispose of the female monster. He may have broken a promise, but he was also right to think about the future and other people’s lives before he fulfilled the monster’s
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