Essay on Is Frankenstein a reality?

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Mary Shelley’s 1818 book, Frankenstein, started a popular trend with authors and movie screen writers of science fiction and horror. For over a century now, movies have been produced replicating the Frankenstein novel and the mysteries revolving around creating life from scratch. Numerous films show humans creating creatures or monsters, with good intentions, only for something to go wrong and the creation creates havoc on everyone involved. Viewers will find every variation of creation from cloning to mixing chemicals. In Frankenstein body parts were stitched together like patchwork creating an odd monstrous looking figure. The moral of the movie gives the viewer the impression that we should never play god. Otherwise, we will need to…show more content…
What was once a creation he was proud of quickly became a horrible mistake that he feared. Several movies have been created using Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as a basis for their material. Screen writers are releasing vivid movies showing the possibilities of the future involving DNA creation, curing diseases, and bringing life back from the dead. Although, it seems that each movie brings grief to human kind and must be destroyed in the end, confirming that the scientist are playing God. The Deep Blue Sea was a movie about a scientist that tries to cure Alzheimer’s Disease using shark DNA; the only problem is that the scientist makes the shark super intelligent, faster, and more dangerous. They have to destroy the sharks by the end of the movie. Return of the Living Dead: Living Dead Girl consists of a boy and girl who are in a deadly motorcycle accident. The boy had previously watched his father working in the government lab, bringing life back to a corpse. Although he had also witnessed that the corpses not only came back to life, they quickly turned into zombies, he decided to bring his girlfriend back to life. She turned into a zombie and kills people in order to feed her addiction of eating brains. In the end, they both kill themselves. Species is a movie where scientist combined alien DNA and human DNA together to create a girl. She escapes and attempts to mate with several men during the movie. The scientists are afraid
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