Is Gang Violence Worth It?

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Uche Igbokwe
Mr. Hines
ELA 11 - Period 6
18 March 2016
Is Gang Violence Worth it? Back in 2015 there was a great concern with fraternity homicides, especially with Asian-American fraternities and sororities. Originated from Chinese men in 1916 attending Cornell University, there are now more than 65 Asian-American fraternities and sororities throughout the country today. They were created because Asians found themselves excluded from the other white fraternities in many universities. Unknown to many because it’s members keep the organization’s movements underground, similar to the code of other fraternities, they have had many disasters in their “pledging”. One of the largest of them all, Lambda Phi Epsilon International Fraternity, has experienced up to 3 deaths regarding hazing in it’s many chapters. New York Times journalist Winnie Hu explains “Peter Tran, 18, a student at San Francisco State University, died after attending a fraternity party in 2013; the fraternity was subsequently expelled by university officials. Phanta Phoummarath, 18, a freshman at the University of Texas at Austin, died after drinking at a fraternity party in 2005; his family received a $4.2 million settlement in a lawsuit against Lambda Phi Epsilon and its members.” (Hu). The same kind of violence that occurs within the walls of fraternities exists in the streets of our neighborhoods. The situation with the Asian-American fraternities happens everyday in this country in a brotherly organization,…

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