Is Gaokao Good Or Bad? Essay

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Topic: Is Gaokao good or bad?

Abstract Gaokao is the currently adopted college entrance examinations in China. It has experienced six changes in structures over sixty years and was once suspended due to national social upheaval. This article demonstrates the advantages of Gaokao from perspectives of students, schools including high school and colleges, and country.
Keyword: Gaokao, Education, Testing, China.

1. Background Gaokao, which dates back from the Imperial examination system in Qing Dynasty, is the only national college entrance examination held annually in China. According to the statistics conducted by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, over 94 million people signed up for Gaokao, and 70 million people can be admitted by Chinese universities. In general, the college acceptance rate is around 74.3% (, 2015). Currently, the same examination paper is adopted by ten provinces; the rest still use self-designed test paper. Chinese, Maths, and one foreign language are mandatory subjects for all students. Those concentrated in Liberal Arts take an extra integrative test including Politics, History, and Geography; while those concentrated in Science take test including Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (, 2015). Despite various problems pointed out in this evaluation system, Gaokao acts an essential role in China and has brought considerable benefits to students, colleges and the whole society.

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