Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics Essay

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Jeffrey White
Professor Doherty
28th March, 2013
Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics? In his article Is Gene Therapy a Form of Eugenics, John Harris discusses the concept of Eugenics when it comes to using Gene Therapy. Harris defines Eugenics as adapting to the production of “fine” offspring, or artificially producing offspring to fit certain criteria. He stresses on how this concept should be achieved. His main argument is that we should be in favor of Eugenics when it comes to potentially saving a child from living a potential disabled life. Harris believes that his view is not wrong, but believes that it is a matter of indifference whether we call it Eugenics or not. Harris argues that Gene Therapy is ethically sound, and
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He sees the attempts to enhance the functions as a way to protect a future life. In the article he attempts to prove that there is nothing wrong with using Eugenics as a way to save a potential life from leading a harmed life. Some may get confused with his argument where they think he is discouraging people with disabilities to reproduce, this is not the case. He believes that they should not be discouraged from reproducing, but that everyone should be discouraged from reproducing children who will be significantly harmed by their genetic constitution. Harris believes that people use a “wrong practice” when looking at Gene Therapy. In “wrong practice” Harris defines it as when a collective or majority group of people tell disabled individuals not to reproduce.
Harris’ argument uses supporting data to help support his conclusion. His conclusion is that if individuals can use a form of science that saves a potential life from leading a “harmed” life, then we should be in favor for it. In order to provide stability for his conclusion, he uses a number of premises or supporting data to help prove his point. First, he believes that it is morally wrong to produce children who will get hurt by their genetic constitution. Second, he stresses that there is no difference between individuals who want to “cure” their offspring’s dysfunctions, and individuals who use Eugenics as a way
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