Is Girl Education A Natural Choice For My Life?

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“We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.”- were the words guiding my life throughout. I was born in the surrounding where girl education was given least preference. I was very fortunate to have parents who were both traditional and progressive at the same time. Where on one hand, my father toiled, struggled and strived to earn enough to educate us, resolute efforts of my mother towards her life goal to educate her children, is indelible. The journey from small town to Delhi Public School, Patna took a lot of hard work and patience. I was a bright and intelligent student since childhood. Never did I fail to score highest in mathematics in my school days. My interest in Mathematics and Physics made science a natural choice for my graduation. Also, lately I scored 170/170 in the quantitative section of the GRE, which re-ascertains my acumen for technical subjects. On one hand, when my parents were transcending social convention by educating a girl child, on the other, they had to face financial crunch situations. My consistent good scores in high schools made my parents believe in me. I put in my heart and soul to compete for one of the challenging technical exam, IIT-JEE, to grab this life opportunity. My perseverance bore fruits when I was selected in IIT Roorkee. IIT presented me with the best of opportunities to mix up with the talented minds in both academic and non-academic pursuits. From the classrooms to
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