Is Global Warming Going To Be Very Harmful To The Earth

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Is Global Warming going to be very harmful to the Earth in the future?

I. Window 1: Can global warming be stopped
A. Temperatures have ascended
1.”Temperatures on earth have risen approximately 1.4°F since the early 20th century”(Global Warming)
a. According to that study, the increasing of the atmospheric climate over time is a direct result of human activities that cause significant and harmful climate changes including. Therefore in this manner numerous countries confront that immediate international action has to be performed to diminish greenhouse gas emissions to avoid serious atmospheric changes

2. At the Paris climate summit in 2015, 195 nations endorsed a notable accordance to decrease the carbon radiations, with the
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2. Since December, the crack has grown by the length of about five football fields each day, moreover, the fracture has developed faster this year in a region officially unprotected to warming temperatures. (Patel)

a. The author is supporting the argument that if humans don’t do something soon it would be too late to prevent global warming to keep developing and getting worse. She’s showing the impact that global warming is having on one of the Antarctic ice shelves overtime and what is its aspect today.

II. Are humans responsible of global warming?
Some people think that global warming has been caused because of human activities.
”The rise in atmospheric CO2 over the last century was clearly caused by human activity, as it occurred at a rate much faster than natural climate changes could produce. Over the past 650,000 years, atmospheric CO2 levels did not rise above 300 ppm until the mid-20th century”( )

According to that atmospheric levels record, the rising of the atmospheric CO2 levels has been caused by the human activities and if human activities didn’t happen, the changes that natural climate could produce would have happened way slower so that means less damage to the globe since the changes would have occurred at a speed that the climate is designed to.

2. “Of greater concern to scientists is how the collapse of ice
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